Budgeting for Nonprofit Organizations: The Board’s Guide

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If you’re creating a budget for the first time, create as reasonable a list as possible of expenses. Then, assess your best and worst-case scenarios for generating funding. Before starting with what is, essentially, a future-oriented process – clarify the present context. Evaluate current financial health by analyzing the current year-end forecast, current budget variances, and balance sheet strength. Then, take some time to reflect on and learn from programmatic and financial successes and failures.

Lastly, your website serves as a way to intrigue, inspire, and engage your audiences. Every nonprofit organization should have a website, which can be created on a CMS such as CMS Hub or WordPress. A website serves as a digital home base for your organization and includes critical information — what you stand for and how visitors can participate and help.

Nonprofit Marketing Statistics to Help You Choose the Best Approach

Many people may be surprised that an industry of charities could make enough to employ that many people. However, with over 1.7 million active nonprofits, the number of employees shouldn’t be a surprise. What kind of nonprofit growth are you seeing or aiming for at your organization?

  • From daily operational costs to monthly donations, there is a wide range of elements that should be included in your nonprofit’s budget.
  • It’s also useful to look at the financial trends for your programs over the past few years, and assess if each program is covering its direct costs, or contributing to overhead.
  • The budget should be maintained using cash flow forecasting, forecasting revenue and expense, and analyzing expenditures’ effectiveness.
  • Donors expect to know how their donations are helping the organization so boards need to consider how they can communicate this information to donors.
  • We are able to keep our service free of charge thanks to cooperation with some of the vendors, who are willing to pay us for traffic and sales opportunities provided by our website.
  • Plus, the experience of an agency can go a long way when budgeting for marketing pieces you’re unfamiliar with.

As you sit down to plan your overall finances for the year, setting up a non-profit marketing budget is key to achieving the goals and initiatives you’re working towards. The average small business using Google Ads spends between $5,000 and $12,000 per month on Google paid search campaigns. That’s $60,000 to $150,000 of marketing expenses per year spent solely on ad clicks. Thankfully, Google created a grant to help nonprofits budget for marketing. In the for-profit world, it’s fairly standard to determine a marketing budget by allocating 10-20% of projected gross revenue to marketing and communications. For organizations in the nonprofit sector, try to allocate between 5-15% of your budget to marketing.

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The first is to make sure that all of the expenses are covered by the income of the organization. The second is to make sure that the expenses are in line with the goals of the organization. The third is to make sure that the expenses are affordable and realistic. There are two primary ways that a nonprofit organization can choose to budget its finances – historical budgeting and zero-based budgeting. 97 percent of nonprofits have budgets of less than $5 million annually, 92 percent operate with less than $1 million a year, and 88 percent spend less than $500,000 annually for their work.

Monitoring the budget also provides an opportunity for board directors to move money around to allocate it efficiently as their cash flow changes. The devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt across all industries, and the nonprofit sector is no exception. A significant budgeting for nonprofits percentage of nonprofits in the US experienced reductions in donations and earned income. In addition, more stringent health and safety protocols mean that nonprofits have to incur additional expenses. Nonprofits have responded by adjusting their programs to cover COVID-related concerns.

Free Nonprofit Budget Template

They must constantly strive for sustainability, and an essential part of that quest is proper budgeting. Learn how to make the most of this opportunity by creating matching gift videos that will inform donors and encourage them to check their eligibility. Nonprofits can leverage search engine marketing to increase their contributions through search engine ads. FIRST makes use of social media in many different ways, such as using Facebook to post videos, news, fundraisers, and reviews, as well as making use of the Donate button. Many marketers jump right to this step — creating and publishing various marketing tactics.

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